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Dogs are oral creatures.  In addition to eating, they use their mouths to catch food, play, communicate, groom and comfort themselves.  It is no wonder that puppies in particular get themselves into trouble with their mouths.  Uncontrolled nipping, biting and chewing are often cited as reasons owners surrender their dogs to shelters.  But these behaviors can be controlled with a combination of training and environmental management applied in a consistent, persistent manner until your puppy learns how to use his mouth in an appropriate manner.

Housetraining difficulties are one of the most common problems facing puppy owners. In this course, learn ways to help both you and your puppy overcome the housetraining hurdle!
Have you ever heard the terms operant conditioning, positive reinforcement and clicker training and wondered what they have to do with dog training?  Curious how cats and other animals are trained to perform tricks?  In this class you will learn about the popular training techniques that center on positive reinforcement rather than physical force.  You will gain insight into why various training techniques work and how to train your pet with kinder, gentler techniques.
Most pet owners consider their dogs and cats as members of the family and often include them when company comes over to visit and in holiday activities.  But sometimes Fido and Fluffy aren't too happy to be included and great-aunt Greta isn't too pleased to see them either!  This course will explore tips and tricks to help you help your dog be polite when company comes over so everyone has a pleasant visit.

Now that you know how to manage your dog's behavior to make family gatherings and the holidays more peaceful for you and your pooch, find out how to train your dog so he has better door manners when company comes over all year round!

Food is an important part of most of our holiday celebrations and family get togethers.  But not everything we eat is safe to share with our pets.  We also don't want our dogs to help themselves to the goodies uninvited!  In this course, we'll look at common food dangers and ways to train our counter-cruisin', table-beggin' pooches to behave more politely when company is over!